10K Scoops in Savannah, Georgia


10,000 Scoops of Free Ice Cream = $10,000 for the Salvation Army of Savannah

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of getting to know more than X Moose Tracks Ice Cream fanatics in Savannah, Georgia. During our time there, we scooped 10,000 scoops of Mayfield Creamery Moose Tracks and raised $10,000 for the Salvation Army of Savannah! Not a bad way to end the week!

For those of you new to Moose Tracks Nation, the 10,000 Scoops Challenge is an annual tour of ours that takes us all around the U.S. to share and enjoy ice cream for a good cause. You can learn more about the tour here, but the gist of it is this:

  • We travel to cities throughout the country and give away FREE Moose Tracks to raise money for local Salvation Armies
  • For each scoop of ice cream we serve, $1 is donated
  • We have 4 hours to get to 10,000 scoops, which equates to $10,000

Luckily for us, we have a great group of Moose Tracks enthusiasts across the nation to help us get the job done. We’ve been to 41 cities so far and Savannah marks our 41st time meeting our goal.

It was an absolute blast getting to know all of you in Savannah, and we’re looking forward to meeting more of you at our next stop of the tour in Minneapolis. Check out some of our favorite photos from Savannah below!



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