Free Ice Cream for a Cause — the 10,000 Scoop Challenge Tour

Is there anything better than FREE ice cream? What about free ice cream that benefits your community? Sound too good to be true?

Believe it or not, it is true! It’s a national tour and we’ve been rocking and rolling for 9 years. This summer, our 10,000 Scoop Challenge Tour will be traveling to several cities across the U.S. to serve you America’s favorite ice cream flavor, Moose Tracks, for FREE.

Here’s how it works: for every free scoop you eat, we donate a dollar to the local Salvation Army. Our goal is to give away 10,000 scoops of Moose Tracks, which in turn will raise $10,000 for local programming….in just 4 hours. We’ve been on tour since 2010 and have visited 39 cities throughout America — your city might be next!

Where can you get your free scoop? This month, you can catch us in Charleston, South Carolina, and Savannah, Georgia, serving up delicious Mayfield Creamery Moose Tracks. So, where will we be seeing you? Don’t worry if these cities aren’t close to home, we might have an announcement up our sleeve. Stay tuned!

Join the May 2019 Tour Dates:


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