Are you the ultimate Moose Tracks fan?

If you’ve done more than 5 things on this list – you’re the ultimate Moose Tracks fan!

  • Gone through an entire carton in one day
  • Went to multiple stores to track down your favorite Moose Tracks flavor
  • Moose Tracks is your go-to pick in the freezer aisle and at your local ice cream shop
  • Followed Moose Tracks on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or TikTok just to see pictures of ice cream
  • Told your friends and family to try it
  • Went back to your freezer for just one more scoop
  • Enjoyed a scoop during a snowstorm…because Moose Tracks is delicious in any weather
  • Made one of our Moose Tracks recipes
  • Joined Moose Tracks Nation
  • Stocked up on Moose Tracks for a family event because you got everyone addicted!
  • Attended a Moose Tracks 10,000 Scoops Challenge event
  • Purchased more than one variety of Moose Tracks in a single grocery store trip

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