Mess-free Moose Tracks Hacks

Clever ways to enjoy ice cream without getting messy.

  1. When enjoying Moose Tracks in a cone, punch a hole through the center of a small paper plate and slide it up onto the center of the cone. Place your hand below the plate for an ice cream drip shield!
  2. If you’re preparing for a party, scoop your ice cream in advance! Line several large baking sheets with taut plastic wrap. Scoop generous scoops of Moose Tracks onto the cookie sheets. Cover with a layer of plastic wrap and freeze! When you’re ready to serve, simply remove the scoops from the freezer and dish them into bowls or cones!
  3. If you’re having trouble scooping hard ice cream fresh from the freezer, run your metal scoop or spoon under hot water before scooping out of the carton.


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