Moose Tracks Ice Cream Puns

You’ll be the punny-est one in the group by using these Moose Tracks Ice Cream puns!

What is Tracks the Moose’s favorite TV show?

Game of Cones


Does anyone know how Reese eats her Moose Tracks?



What music does the most popular Moose DJ spin?

The top tracks, of course!


Whaddya call a moose that doesn’t give their name?



What do you call it when you communicate by tapping your spoon on the ice cream bowl?

Moose code


What did the child say when they finished the whole bowl of Moose Tracks Ice Cream?

“I’m so proud of moose-elf!”


What do you make when you come across a freezer without Moose Tracks Ice Cream in it?

A moose-stake


Dad: How do you stop a moose from charging?

Kid: …I don’t know, how?…

Dad: Take away his credit card!


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