Moose Tracks + Labor Day = Best Long Weekend Ever

Labor Day weekend is quickly approaching! We have a few ingredients to make this holiday your best yet.

What’s better than spending a day on the water? Find a river for kayaking or have a picnic on the beach. Float in a pool or go boating on a lake. If you don’t have a body of water near you, make your own! Dip your feet in a kiddie pool or start a water balloon fight.

Soak up the last of summer weather by spending your day in the sun! Take a hike or ride a bike to your favorite ice cream store – one that serves Moose Tracks is recommended for maximum fun 😉  You can also enjoy Moose Tracks at the ballpark or at a drive-in movie. Pro tip: don’t forget the sunscreen!

Host a Moose Tracks Ice Cream social. Why not spend the day in good company while eating the best ice cream on the planet? This can be put together in a snap. Just grab some bowls, spoons, toppings and BAM – you’ve got yourself a party!

Tag @moosetracks_icecream in your Labor Day weekend adventures so we can follow along!


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