Your Next Great Idea: A Moose Tracks Tasting Party!

Move over wine and cheese tastings, there’s a new tasting menu this summer! As we gear up for ice cream season, we’re also preparing for a season full of hanging out with friends and family. If you need a fun party idea, look no further – share your favorite ice cream in a unique way by hosting a Moose Tracks tasting party!

All you need to do is head to your local grocery store and purchase several of the available varieties of Moose Tracks. If you need help finding Moose Tracks in your area, try using our product locator.

Now you can host the party any way you’d like! You could design a toppings station that has fun and crazy toppings for your guests to try – maybe sliced banana and Extreme Moose Tracks is the pairing that wins the night! Perhaps it’s Original Moose Tracks sandwiched between graham crackers! Sprinkles, fruit, fudge… what combination is going to be the favorite?

You could also display all the Moose Tracks flavors without labels and ask your friends to guess each flavor. The guest that correctly names the most flavors wins!

Maybe you’re crazy for cookie sandwiches! What about offering a variety of cookies to kick off Moose Tracks cookie sandwich-a-thon? All you need to do is bake some cookies and/or buy your favorites… choose your cookie + choose your variety of Moose Tracks = YUM.

If you’ve got an entire party centered around Moose Tracks, you can’t go wrong. We’d love to see photos of your Moose Tracks tasting party! Share them with us on social media.


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