Our First Ever 13,000 Scoop Challenge!


Minneapolis was all in for Moose Tracks! We had an amazing time meeting thousands of ice cream fanatics in Minneapolis and boy, did they know how to turn out for a city-wide ice cream social. We put our scooping arms to the test and were able to serve MORE THAN 10,000 scoops of Kemps Moose Tracks in under four hours for a total of 13,000 scoops. This is the first of over 40 cities to ever exceed 10,000 scoops!

Because Moose Tracks ice cream lovers helped us eat so many scoops, we turned the event into the 13,000 Scoop Challenge and donated $13,000 to the Salvation Army of Minneapolis! We’re feeling like some celebratory ice cream is in order!

We couldn’t have exceeded our goal without our volunteers and celebrity scoopers like emcee Ned Specktor, Meatsauce from KFAN, Kat Perkins of The Voice and Jackie Cain and Paul Folger from KSTP! A big thanks to all for donating their time (and muscles) to our cause!

This seemingly impossible goal was met and exceeded by the Moose Tracks lovers of Minneapolis. They deserve a big shout out for helping us go beyond our goal for the 42nd leg of our 10,000 Scoops Challenge Tour. Thank you, Minneapolis!

While we wait anxiously for the next time we can all enjoy delicious ice cream together, check out these awesome photos from Minneapolis below!



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