5 Hacks to Perfect Your Ice Cream Scooping Technique

Ice cream solves everything, but how do you solve for ice cream that’s too hard to scoop? Quality ingredients mixed into a rich, creamy, and ice-cold dessert like Moose Tracks can make scooping difficult at times – but we have good news.

Follow these 5 hacks to perfect your ice cream scooping technique the next time you pull Moose Tracks out of the freezer:

  1. Set out your favorite flavor of Moose Tracks a few minutes before you plan on serving it.
  2. Carefully use a knife to cut a checkerboard pattern into the ice cream tub for easy scooping.
  3. Run your ice cream scoop under hot water before you scoop.
  4. Scoop from the outside first, since it melts faster.
  5. Before you throw your Moose Tracks back in the freezer, close the carton up tightly in a freezer-safe bag. This keeps your ice cream softer by keeping contact from the air. Science 😉

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