5 Reasons Why Everyone Loves Moose Tracks

1. A Variety of Flavors

Whether you’re a chocolate fanatic, crazy about caramel, or remain true to the Original Moose Tracks, there is a Moose Tracks flavor for everyone.

2. We Don’t Hide

Moose Tracks can be found at a variety of retailers across the nation, making them easily accessible wherever you are! Find us at a store near you.

3. The Food for Every Mood

Moose Tracks and binge watching make the perfect rainy-day combo, but what if you have a party to go to? Make any social event sweeter with a tub of Mint Moose Tracks. We are the go-to dessert, no matter the occasion.

4. You Can Be Creative

There are endless ways to enjoy Moose Tracks. Check out our recipes for some dessert inspiration and share your recipes with us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram with #MooseTracks.

5. Not Just Ice Cream

Taking a break from ice cream? Not a problem! Fans can indulge in our Moose Tracks Cheesecake, Greek Yogurt and Ice Cream Cake.


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