Back-to-School Ice Cream Social

Looking for a creative and simple way to celebrate your kids before they head back to school? Host a Back-to-School Ice Cream Social! It’s inexpensive, fun, and a great way to cap off the summer.

Here’s our tips for a great party:

    1. Re-purpose your beverage tub for the ice cream station. Of course, we loaded our tub with our favorite flavors of Moose Tracks!
    2. Think outside the box with decorations. We made several inexpensive school supplies into décor!
      • Use pencil boxes to hold napkins and spoons
      • Wrap colored pencils around a vase and tie with a fabric tape measure for a simple school-themed vase!
      • Make a “BACK-TO-SCHOOL” banner out of lunch bags
    3. Don’t forget tons of toppings!
    4. Take pictures! Time flies, so make sure you enjoy this special season.



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