The 4 Types of Moose Tracks Fans


We’ve had the opportunity to share Moose Tracks with a lot of fans over the years, and we have truly seen it all. Read on for the types of Moose Tracks fanatics.

The Cup Stealer

Nothing makes you salivate quicker than popping open a fresh carton of Moose Tracks, untouched and ready to be devoured. We know what you’re looking for – the unbeatable flavor of those tiny bites of heaven – the peanut butter cups. You dig around and steal all the cups before anyone else has the chance (good for you!), and put the carton right back in the freezer when you’re done.


The Fudge Finder

It’s what made Moose Tracks famous and it’s the one of the most sought after flavors in the world (or at least we think so 😉 ) – the delectable Moose Tracks Fudge. You go right for it. Nothing is better than a thick ribbon of Moose Tracks fudge swirled so heavily into your ice cream, you can barely scoop it. You quickly identify the irresistible fudge, leaving the rest of your household to enjoy a nearly-empty carton of Moose Tracks when you’re finished.


The Balance Master

You appreciate the entire Moose Tracks experience. Whether you enjoy it right out of the carton or prefer to scoop it into a bowl, you like balance with every bite. The Moose Tracks Fudge and cups are important, but you’ve gotta get ice cream in there too!


The Carton Crusher

Balance? Digging around for the cups or fudge? Ain’t nobody got time for that! You take the carton straight from the freezer and dig right in. The carton knew it never stood a chance as soon as you brought it home from the store. Hats off to you, Carton Crusher, our delicious Moose Tracks is no match for your skills.


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