The Illustrious Moose Tracks Product Locator

It shines, it sparkles, it whistles while it works…. it’s the illustrious Moose Tracks Product Locator!

Okay, maybe we got a little overzealous there. While it doesn’t do any of those things…*drumroll please*…. the product locator DOES help you find Moose Tracks in your favorite brands and retailers across the United States!

A quick history lesson…

The Moose Tracks Product Locator has been many years in the making. We license Moose Tracks to our manufacturing and retail partners who produce and package it under their brands at their discretion. Because of the many avenues Moose Tracks takes to make it to your grocery store, it was a bit of a challenge to build a product locator database.  However, Moose Tracks fans continued to email us requesting a list of Moose Tracks brands and retailers wherever they traveled (we get it; we plan our vacations around the availability of Moose Tracks, too), so we decided to tackle the challenge.

The result…

Now, it’s easy to find all of the available brands and flavors of Moose Tracks across the country!

Wondering how it works? We categorized the database four ways: brand, retailer, favorite flavor, and product type.

  • The brand refers to the brand of ice cream that you see on the shelf. It might be the “store brand” offered by your favorite grocery store, or it may be a regional brand that is popular in your area. Perhaps your grocery store carries both!
  • The retailer refers to the grocery store, drug store, or convenience store that you shop at.
  • The favorite flavor refers to the flavors of Moose Tracks and our other classic ice cream flavors that you know and love
  • Lastly, the product type covers the different types of ice cream, such as frozen yogurt, light or low-fat ice cream, as well as snack mix, cheesecake, and ice cream cones.

You can search any of these four attributes using the drop down menu at the top!  Test it out for yourself on the “FIND” tab of our website.

We’ve also made it easy for you…just click here!


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