Welcome the Fall Season with Moose Tracks!

When thinking about fall, what excites you the most? Cozy sweaters, visits to pumpkin patches, or Halloween festivities? For us, fall means a new season to enjoy Moose Tracks! Check out our guide below to explore how Moose Tracks can bring a little sweetness to your favorite fall activities 😊

  • Take a hike: Fall is your chance to get outside before the weather cools down for the winter. Grab a friend and a cooler bag full of Moose Tracks and head out to your city’s best hiking spot for a sweet treat.
  • Host a tailgate: Fall marks the beginning of tailgating season, when friends and family gather to watch sports and, more importantly, eat good food. Check out our Moose Tracks Waffle Ice Cream Sandwiches, the perfect dessert for your next tailgate. Just freeze until ready to serve!
  • Have a movie marathon: We’ve all had lazy days where we don’t want to leave the house, especially as the weather gets cooler. Warm up with a blanket and a cup of Moose Tracks Hot Chocolate while watching a movie marathon.
  • Try a new recipe: Do you love watching baking shows? Create your own at-home baking show experience by trying your hand at a Moose Tracks-inspired cake, found on our blog. We suggest the Mint Moose Tracks Cake or the Caramel Brownie Moose Tracks Lava Cake!

How are you enjoying Moose Tracks this fall? We would love to hear from you! Let us know by tagging us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and TikTok.


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