Why Moose Tracks Ice Cream Rocks in the Winter

We believe ice cream should be eaten year-round, regardless of the temperature outside. Don’t believe us? Check out these superb reasons why Moose Tracks Ice Cream reigns supreme, even in the winter months.

  1. No mess. The stress that hits when the sun melts your cone doesn’t exist in the winter. Go against the norm and snap a picture eating Moose Tracks by the snow. There’s more time to savor!
  2. Completes any dessert. A perfect topper for a warm chocolate brownie, piece of pecan pie or cup of hot chocolate—Moose Tracks complements any warm dessert.
  3. Bargain shopping. Keep an eye out for sweet ice cream deals at your favorite grocer. Moose Tracks is available across the country, so find where you can get a carton by visiting our flavor finder.
  4. New scenery. Enjoying a bowl of Moose Tracks by the fire is always a nice change of scenery. And hey, it might even cool you off a bit.
  5. Winter blues? Don’t know her. Moose Tracks is known for putting a smile on your face. If you have the winter blues, grab a spoon and dive in. 😊

The reasons to indulge are endless! Share your favorite way to enjoy Moose Tracks this winter on InstagramTwitterFacebook or TikTok and tag @moosetracks_icecream.


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