Moose Tracks Fan Moments

We believe Moose Tracks is perfect no matter the occasion. It can be enjoyed with friends, while watching a movie, or just because you deserve a treat!

To celebrate the everyday deliciousness of Moose Tracks, here are some recent Moose Tracks moments shared by our awesome fans.

“I was more into it than he was” – @davidarthurc


“You just can’t beat Denali Extreme Maximum Fudge Moose Tracks ice cream, especially when it’s on top of a bed of gooey warm Ghirardelli brownies that are loaded with extra Nestle Chocolate Chunks” – @phat_and_happy



“Just made my dad’s night! Chocolate Moose Tracks!” – @KJ4Jesus


“It’s never too cold for ice cream #moosetracks” – @JessicaDGilbert


“I bought this tub of ice cream last night… #oops” – @lovelee_rach

To our fans, we thank you. Keep sharing the love with us on, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with #MooseTracks.  Never stop scooping!


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