We Asked, YOU Answered!

We recently asked our Moose Tracks Nation members what they love most about Moose Tracks and were completely blown away by the responses! Many said it takes them back to their childhood, reminds them of loved ones, or is there for them on rough days.


While we loved hearing about the sweet times you’ve shared alongside a bowl of Moose Tracks, below are some of our favorite responses.


“When I volunteered at a Senior Citizens home, Moose Tracks ice cream was a snack option after we played games. Out of the 50 seniors at the home, 49 of them chose Moose Tracks, only because one man was diabetic and couldn’t eat ice cream.”


“Being pregnant with my daughter, Moose Tracks was one of my cravings. I would make my husband buy it for me at least once a week!”


“After my (now) husband proposed, we went to the ice cream shop to celebrate and I ordered Moose Tracks!”


“Eating it at every one of my grandchildren’s birthday parties. We have 16 grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren. I love seeing the smile on their face when they find surprises in the ice cream, it melts my heart.”


“Buying a container when I was working 10 p.m. to 8 a.m. It gave me the energy I needed to do my job!”


Why exactly are thousands of people hooked on Moose Tracks? Well, that’s easy for us to answer. Here’s what MTX Nation had to say 😊


What makes Moose Tracks a unique flavor you love?

57% of MTX Nation couldn’t choose between Famous Moose Tracks fudge and the mini cups, instead, they loved the combination of both.


What makes the Moose Tracks fudge swirl unique?

72% of MTX Nation loves everything about Famous Moose Tracks fudge, including the thick texture, rich and dark flavor and the delicious combination of sweet and salty.


 What other Moose Tracks experiences would you buy?

MTX Nation hopes one day they can find Moose Tracks cookies, brownie or cake kits, cereal, snack mix and more. We love these ideas and will be sure to keep these suggestions in mind!


Hearing your feedback reminded us that Moose Tracks truly can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere, including on Christmas Eve while watching the northern lights in Alaska (a true story!). From birthday parties and holiday celebrations to bad days and breakups, we are happy to be your go-to flavor. We look forward to making many more Moose Tracks memories with you!


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