Celebrate National Ice Cream Month with a New Sundae Each Sunday

July 11, 2022

July is our favorite because it’s National Ice Cream Month! That’s right, the entire month of July is dedicated to celebrating delicious ice cream. What better way to celebrate then with a scoop (or two) of Moose Tracks? 

This year, celebrate National Ice Cream Month with a different Moose Tracks sundae, every Sunday! Here are a few of our favorite sundae recipes to try at home: 

  • Cherry Moose Tracks Sundae: A fruity twist on a Moose Tracks fan favorite. All you need is Cherry Moose Tracks, a few fresh cherries and whipped cream to top it off. This sundae is sure to be the cherry on top to your week! 
  • Original Moose Tracks Sundae: With this sundae, you are sure to fall in love with our classic Original Moose Tracks. A combination of Original Moose Tracks Ice Cream, rainbow sprinkles, whipped cream and, of course, a cherry on top. Who doesn’t love a classic ice cream sundae? 
  • Oreo Brownie Extreme Sundae: This one is sure to excite your tastebuds. Grab the biggest ice cream bowl from your cupboard and add Brownie Moose Tracks Ice Cream, crushed Oreo pieces, and brownie bites. Sit down and relax with this chocolate masterpiece! 
  • Cookie Dough Moose Tracks Chocolate Sundae: A new twist on one of our newest flavors! Cookie Dough Moose Tracks and mini chocolate chips are the perfect combination for the ultimate chocolate chip cookie dessert. 

Test out one of our sundae recipes, or make your own this National Ice Cream Month! Share your creations with us on our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or TikTok.