History of Moose Tracks

The beginning

In 1988 in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, a land known for its moose population, Moose Tracks was born! After the creators perfected the recipe, a local ice cream shop began serving the now-iconic flavor, Original Moose Tracks.


The Name

A lot of people ask us, “how did Moose Tracks get its name?”. The inspiration came from a nearby mini golf course named Moose Tracks. A lot of people write to us with their theories of where the name came from and what it means, but no one guessed that it was simply inspired by a mini golf course!



The Rest of the Story

Moose Tracks quickly spread to grocery stores all over Michigan… then the Midwest… then across the nation. Ice cream fans fell in love with the flavor and the identifiable logo. By popular demand, Chocolate Moose Tracks, Extreme! Moose Tracks, and more flavors were developed to satisfy our loyal fanbase. To this day, our team continues to develop new flavors all featuring our famous Moose Tracks Fudge.

Giving Back

In 2010, a unique charitable event was created: the 10,000 Scoop Challenge! These ice cream socials take place across the country each year as a way for us to support our fans’ communities. Our goal at each event is to hand out 10,000 scoops of FREE Moose Tracks! To date, we have handed out more than 500,000 scoops and donated more than $500,000 to local charities.

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