How to Request a New Ice Cream Flavor of Moose Tracks

May 3, 2022

If you’re asking yourself, “how do I get a certain flavor of Moose Tracks in my local grocery store?”, then look no further – we’ve outlined the process for you!


Moose Tracks is a licensed flavor, which means we license the flavor, logo, and recipe to ice cream brands like Kemps and Mayfield, as well as grocery retailers for their store brands, like Kroger’s Private Selection, Meijer’s Purple Cow, and more. These companies ultimately decide what flavors of Moose Tracks they would like to carry in their ice cream lineup.


If you want a certain flavor of Moose Tracks, like non-dairy Moose Tracks, to be available near you, contact your local retailer or favorite ice cream brand and let them know you’d love for them to add the flavor to their lineup. You can contact retailers like Kroger, Publix and others via their website, social media or email.


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