Introducing Cookie Dough Moose Tracks PUDD’N with Core Nutritionals

July 8, 2024

Fans of protein enhanced treats doughn’t want to miss our latest collaboration with Core Nutritionals® – Cookie Dough Moose Tracks PUDD’N!  The Original Moose Tracks PUDD’N and Chocolate Moose Tracks PUDD’N have become a staple for protein fanatics, so it was only natural to take this product to the next level. Cookie Dough Moose Tracks PUDD’N contains Moose Tracks Fudge chunks and Moose Tracks Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Pieces for fun in every bite!  Core Nutritionals Pudd’n is a decadent casein and whey protein pudding mix designed to increase lean muscle growth and is available on the Core Nutritionals website.