Since the first scoop of Original Moose Tracks was served, there has been no stopping this flavor phenomenon. The perfectly wonderful combination of melt-in-your mouth peanut butter cups and the now famous thick and salty Moose Tracks Fudge in vanilla ice cream was a game changer. As Original Moose Tracks spread across the country, fans began requesting more Moose Tracks experiences and we heard them!

Today, Original Moose Tracks is part of a family of Moose Tracks flavors. These flavors all feature Moose Tracks Fudge combined with an array of mix-ins in a variety of ice cream flavors, which creates multiple Moose Tracks experiences. Moose Tracks has even made its way out of the ice cream carton and into decadent treats like cheesecake and Greek yogurt!

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Ice Cream Cake

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