Caramel Brownie Moose Tracks Layered Squares

Ice cream and brownies are a match made in heaven. Add Caramel Brownie Moose Tracks to the mix and the combination is divine! This dessert requires just a few ingredients and can be made ahead to wow a crowd – and trust us, everyone will love it!


Layer One

  1. Line a 9″ x 13″ pan with parchment paper, making sure it overhangs the pan slightly. Even though we selected a brownie mix for a smaller pan, make sure to use the 9” x 13” size so the brownies are a nice and thin bottom layer.
  2. Prepare brownies according to package, then spread batter into the parchment-lined pan.
  3. Bake brownies according to package directions, but underbake slightly so a toothpick inserted in the center comes out with a few moist crumbs, but no wet batter.
  4. Let brownies cool completely.

Layer Two

  1. Take the carton of Caramel Brownie Moose Tracks out of the freezer and allow it to sit out at room temperature for a few minutes, until soft enough to spread over the cooled brownies.
  2. Spread over the brownies to create a nice thick layer.
  3. Once the ice cream has been evenly spread, place the entire pan in the freezer to allow the ice cream to re-freeze.

Layer Three

  1. Remove the tub of frozen whipped topping from the freezer and allow to thaw slightly until easily spreadable.
  2. Remove pan from the freezer and spread with a thin layer of whipped topping.
  3. If you’re planning to serve immediately, cut into squares and top with your favorite ice cream toppings – we used caramel sauce to complement the ice cream! Otherwise cover and freeze until ready to serve.
  • 18oz brownie box mix (suited for an 8”x8” pan)

  • 1 carton of Caramel Brownie Moose Tracks Ice Cream

  • 8oz of frozen whipped topping (such as Cool Whip)

  • Your favorite dessert toppings, such as caramel or chocolate sauce