Fun Grad Party Ideas and Moose-t Haves

June 26, 2018

Want to be the talk of grad party season? Sweeten up your party menu with these delicious tips!

  1. Stock up on your favorite Moose Tracks flavors, whether it be Mint, Original, Extreme…or all of them! Grab a cooler to create your personal ice cream cabinet that will keep your Moose Tracks frozen and tasty. Brownie points if you include a station full of sugar cones.
  2. With all the little kids running around, you’ll be the hit of the party if you’ve got a kid-friendly area set up. Include a coloring station with our Moose Tracks coloring pages found at this link: Parents will thank you for keeping their kids calmly entertained.
  3. Make sure you capture these moments by adding a photo booth! Buy some goofy accessories, find a cute backdrop, and get your camera ready. Spice up your photos with your friends by adding ice cream to document your “Moose Tracks Memories”.
  4. Party favors are a must-have for your guests, so make their day complete by gifting Moose Tracks Snack Mix as they leave your party. Guests will thank you for a great time and the delicious treat to-go!

Nothing says summertime like ending the school year with Moose Tracks Ice Cream!