Moose Tracks is 30!

July 25, 2018

In July of 1988, the first scoop of Moose Tracks was tasted and the rest is history! The name “Moose Tracks” came from a mini golf course in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, which was right down the street from the first ice cream shop to carry Original Moose Tracks. Since that time, Moose Tracks has grown faster than we could have imagined. 30 years later, over 30 million cartons of Moose Tracks are sold every year. As Moose Tracks reaches this milestone, we are reflecting on our history and thanking our loyal fans. Moose Tracks would not have become one of the nation’s best-selling flavors without the loyalty of our awesome fans. Thank YOU for loving Moose Tracks!

How we’re celebrating

To celebrate 30 years of Moose Tracks, we unveiled a brand-new Moose Tracks Mascot for use at out 10,000 Scoops Challenge events. “Tracks the Moose” has already been used at several events, and let’s just say…. Tracks has been a huge hit 🙂

Earlier this year, we launched Moose Tracks Nation (shout out to our #MTXnation members!) and have been overwhelmed by the amazing response. By joining on our website, you are signed up to receive a monthly email with a chance to win great prizes. Additionally, we’ll mail you an awesome MTX sticker or magnet for joining! This month, we are celebrating 30 years of Moose Tracks by mailing out THIRTY prize packages! Make sure you enter the giveaway for your chance to win.

If you want to celebrate with us, try some of the awesome Moose Tracks recipes we have developed for the Moose Tracks blog! This Moose Tracks Layered Ice Cream Cake recipe seems like the perfect way to celebrate!