How to Plan the Sweetest Galentine’s Day Celebration

February 1, 2024

Galentine’s Day is on February 13th, and what better way to celebrate the girlies than with a sweet and indulgent gathering (that includes plenty of Moose Tracks, of course)?

Whether you’re hosting at home or joining out, here are some fun ideas to incorporate into your Gal’s Day:

    • Make a Red and Pink-Themed Dessert Spread: A red and pink-themed dessert spread is a must on Galentine’s Day. Grab your favorite Moose Tracks Ice Cream flavors, along with an array of snacks and toppings like strawberry-coated pretzels, white chocolate-strawberry bark, chocolate truffles, and more. Arrange your treats on a fancy cutting board and there you have it – the perfect Galentine’s dessert charcuterie board 😊
    • Gratitude Circle Activity: Make a gratitude circle and share your appreciation for each gal pal in your life. Take a moment and explain why you’re thankful, you’ll never know whose day you’ll make.
    • Gift Exchange: It wouldn’t be a party without party favors. Make it simple and exchange small gifts under $20. Our Pop Art Ice Cream Scoop is the ultimate gift to give. It’s useful, always scoops the perfect scoops, and cute!
    • Moose Tracks-Inspired Drinks: Make yummy Moose Tracks-inspired drinks. Try a Moose Tracks hot chocolate float, complete with whipped cream and chocolate shavings. For those who prefer something colder, try a Moose Tracks milkshake or a Moose Tracks-inspired mocktail! The flavor combinations are endless.

Treat yourself and your girlfriends to a relaxing Galentine’s Day filled with good eats and good company. Check out our recipes for more inspiration on what you can add to your dessert spread this season!