Moose Tracks Ice Cream Brownie Sundae Cups

These sundae bowls are the perfect make-ahead treat! If you’re having a party, you can make these in advance and hand out perfectly-portioned, delicious and adorable desserts.


  1. Prepare brownie batter according to the package instructions.

  2. Grease a standard-sized muffin pan using cooking spray.

  3. Pour batter into greased muffin pan and bake according to package instructions, but cooking for a few minutes less than the suggested time.

  4. Meanwhile, grease the underside of your second muffin pan with cooking spray.

  5. As soon as you remove the brownies from the oven, quickly press down to imprint a “bowl” in the brownies. Press the muffin pan with force onto the brownie-filled one and then let it sit until cool.

  6. Once cool, remove the second muffin pan and your brownie sundae “bowls” are complete! If the brownies didn’t form a deep cavity, you can scoop out some of the center brownie to make a deeper hole using a spoon.

  7. Fill and top the sundae bowls with your favorite Moose Tracks® flavor. You may serve immediately or return to the freezer. They make a great single-serve treat to keep in the freezer! As a final treat, you can top with your favorite sundae toppings when serving.

  • One box of your favorite brownie mix

  • One carton of Moose Tracks® flavor of your choice (we used Brownie Moose Tracks!)

  • Note: You will also need two standard-sized muffin pans