Spring Cleaning Tips with Moose Tracks

May 4, 2023

Spring has sprung and you know what that means – it’s cleaning time! Sometimes spring cleaning can feel daunting, but we are here to make it more exciting with tips on how to get things done while also having fun! Check out our tips below:

  1. Set the mood! Things are always better when your home smells nice. Light a candle to give your space a nice, fresh scent. We recommend our Moose Tracks Candle.
  2. Turn on your favorite playlist! Who says you can’t have a dance party AND get chores done? 😉
  3. Get creative! Need to dust? Throw some socks on your hands and feet and get after it! Another creative idea is to invite your furry friends! We know that pets are often the ones to cause the mess, but why not have them help clean it up? Attach a microfiber cloth to your pets back and let them do their thing! They’ll have the dust from under the table and around the chairs gone in no time.
  4. Reward yourself for your hard work! Cleaning is HARD, we know. Lots of professionals suggest setting a reward in your mind to help you be more productive during your cleaning session. So, treat yourself to a delicious bowl of your favorite Moose Tracks Ice Cream. You deserve it!

Do you have any special spring-cleaning tips you like to use? Be sure to share them with us on our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok!