Join the Screen Freeze Initiative with Moose Tracks Ice Cream!

May 26, 2023

Hello Moose Tracks fans!

We’re thrilled to announce our new initiative, Screen Freeze!

In response to growing concerns about the effects of excessive screen time, we’re challenging ourselves and our community to take a technology hiatus once a month to savor the sweet moments with friends and family.

What is Screen Freeze?

Screen Freeze is our commitment to promoting a balanced lifestyle.

On the fourth Sunday of each month, we’ll refrain from posting on our social media channels and invite you to join us! For 24 hours, we encourage you to swap your digital devices for real-world experiences that bring joy and connection to your life.

Why Screen Freeze?

In our increasingly connected world, it’s easy to lose ourselves in the endless scroll of social media and digital screens. While these tools offer many conveniences, they can also contribute to feelings of stress and isolation. Excessive screen time can disrupt our sleep patterns, reduce our productivity, and even impact our overall mood and mental health.

By participating in Screen Freeze, you’re not just reducing screen time — you’re giving yourself a chance to disconnect, reset, and recharge. By swapping screens for more face-to-face interactions, you might be surprised by the joy and fulfillment that come from simple, off-screen activities. It’s about creating a healthier, more balanced lifestyle for ourselves and our loved ones.

What to Expect?

As Moose Tracks embarks on this Screen Freeze journey, every fourth Sunday of the month will see us take a pause from our social media activity.

During this time, you can expect to receive reminders in the days leading up to each Screen Freeze, helping you to prepare for your own day off-screen.

Please note that while we will continue to respond to any urgent direct messages during this period, all other messages will be attended to on the following Monday

We appreciate your understanding as we join you in taking this well-deserved digital break.

How to Participate

Participating in Screen Freeze is simple.

On the fourth Sunday of each month, take a break from your digital devices and enjoy the day.

Share your planned activities with us in advance or your experiences after by tagging us on social media!

Sweet Moments with Moose Tracks

Remember, the essence of Screen Freeze isn’t just about reducing screen time — it’s about carving out time for what truly matters. When we put away our devices, we make room for meaningful face-to-face connections, time in nature, and other off-screen activities that bring joy and fulfillment to our lives.

This initiative encourages us to reclaim our time and attention to invest it in experiences that make us smile and bring us closer together. Whether that’s a cozy family movie night, an outdoor adventure, or simply indulging in a scoop of your favorite Moose Tracks Ice Cream, it’s these real-life moments that make our days truly special. Join us in the Screen Freeze initiative, unplug to reconnect, and let’s together foster a community that values real-world connections. See you on the other side of the screen, Moose Tracks Family!

Remember to keep it cool, keep it sweet, and savor those Moose Tracks moments.