Spreading Holiday Cheer: 6 Fun Ways to Give Back to the Community

December 4, 2023

The holidays are all about spreading joy, and what better way to do that than by giving back to your community? Here are some fun ways to make a positive impact:

  1. Gather Cookies for a Cause: Host a cookie exchange with friends and neighbors. Collect a small donation from participants and contribute the funds to a local charity.
  2. Organize a Holiday Sweater Charity Run: Organize a run where participants sport their silliest holiday sweaters. Charge a small entry fee and donate the proceeds to a local charity or cause. Take it one step further to donate your favorite holiday sweaters, cardigans and coats for those in need.
  3. Create a Random Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar: Create an advent calendar with daily acts of kindness. Include simple gestures like complimenting a stranger or paying for someone’s coffee.
  4. Host a Pet Supply Drive: Collect pet supplies and treats for a local animal shelter. Get your community, friends or neighbors involved in creating a cozy holiday for furry friends.
  5. Volunteer at a Local Food Bank or Charity: Make a big impact in little time. Volunteer at a local charity or donate non-perishable goods to a food bank. Your time and effort will be appreciated more than you know! One way the Moose Tracks team loves to give back is through the 10,000 Scoop Challenge. For every free scoop of ice cream that we hand out, we donate $1 to local charities – Talk about a delicious philanthropy!
  6. Virtual Secret Santa: Organize a virtual Secret Santa gift exchange with friends or coworkers. Instead of buying each other gifts, contribute to a shared donation for a chosen charity.

There are so many ways to give back to the community, so don’t be afraid to get creative! All gestures, big or small, have an incredible impact that extends far beyond the holiday season.