Desserts to Bring to Friendsgiving Based off Personality

November 8, 2022

It’s that time of the year where everyone is planning… planning Thanksgiving dinner and dessert, that is! We’ve got the perfect breakdown for your Thanksgiving plans! Read on for predictions about which friend will bring our favorite Moose Tracks desserts to the big meal.

  1. The Fancy One: Original Moose Tracks Ice Cream Cake of Your Dreams – A friend who’s fancy (and loves to show off their baking skills) is definitely bringing this delicious cake to Thanksgiving!
  2. The Daring One: Extreme! Maximum Fudge Moose Tracks Ice Cream Nachos – Anyone who is willing to bring these (amazing) nachos to Thanksgiving doesn’t mind challenging the status quo. Dessert nachos on Thanksgiving?! Don’t mind if we do.
  3. The Loud One: Moose Tracks Kitchen Sink Sundae – Why did we choose the loud friend to bring this kitchen sink sundae? Because it’s so good, they’ll be telling everyone about it!
  4. The Low Key One: DIY Moose Tracks Ice Cream Bars – Ice cream bars are an oldie but goodie. For obvious reasons, your low key friend would bring these for Thanksgiving dessert because they’re easy to make, yet so delicious. Everyone will think they’ve spent hours on them; their secret is safe with us.
  5. The Festive One: Extreme! Moose Tracks Peppermint Shake – We all have a friend who lives for the holidays, and this peppermint shake is sure to bring the holiday cheer. Win any crowd over with this classic, refreshing dessert.

Which friend are you, and what Moose Tracks dessert are you creating this holiday season? Tell us on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!